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Girl Gang Craft The Podcast

May 26, 2021

Craft fairs are BACK! Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve busted out the tent and folding table, or maybe you’re new to the whole scene. No stress—we’ve got you covered with these pro tips from GGC Founder and craft fair connoisseur Phoebe Sheman on how to absolutely kick ass at your next IRL market.


Tune in as Phoebe breaks down craft fair basics and guides listeners through each stage of the planning, execution, and wrap-up processes, applicable for both outdoor and indoor events. Learn how to find events in your area, why you absolutely need a wagon, and how to keep your brand alive in people’s minds after they leave your booth. If you’ve been struggling to get back in the game or just get started, period, look no further for a foolproof (yet realistic!) guide on how to position yourself for an impactful and engaging event. 


Listeners based in the Bay Area: Check out this post for a line-up of upcoming craft fairs to attend or apply to this Summer!


Want more tips on booth set-up? Download our free Booth Design Guide!

Show Notes 

June 12th Craft Fair in Oakland

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